Brislington Greenway

The former Brislington Railway Line that used to connect the Bristol docks with the coalfields of North Somerset is one of the few open spaces left in Brislington. It has been abandoned for many years and it has become a haven for wildlife including badgers, bats, slowworms and so much more. A growing number of local residents believe it’s high time this space was opened up for the benefit of the people of Brislington. Our vision is to turn this area into the Brislington Greenway, a community space with nature trails, children’s play areas, event spaces, community gardening, sports and recreational activities, not to mention the missing link in the National Walking and Cycling Network.

Unfortunately, The West of England Combined Authority and Bristol City Council do not share our vision. They plan to build a road, to the detriment of our community.

WECA and BCC mistakenly believe that building more roads will somehow solve congestion, when numerous studies have shown the opposite to be the case. New roads encourage more people to make more journeys by car, thus increasing congestion and pollution, not reducing it. The key to reducing congestion is to provide good quality alternatives, such as improved public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure.

Support the Brislington Greenway, a space that will bring our community together, protect wildlife and promote active travel, rather than yet another road, that will only serve to divide our community, with more traffic and more pollution.

SPRING member Andrew Varney has set up a petition which you can sign here