Time for a good old spring clean!

Our first event turned out to be a great success which we hope will serve as good starting point to our series of projects in store for the Sandy Park Road area. The car park has been crying out for some much needed attention and it made sense to start from this space. A good number of walls are in need of maintenance and cleaning from tagging.

The amount of litter around the site is considerable and we have also noticed fly-tipping from time to time.

Together with our neighbourhood officer and our local councillors we arranged for Bristol City Council to help with the clean up of the entrance wall. We are planning to use this wall space as a community notice board to announce events and future activities in the area. Bristol Waste also provided us with the right equipment for our litter picking.

The turn out from local residents was fantastic. The steps down to the car park were cleaned and weeded. A large number of glass bottles, plastic bottles and metal cans were picked and separated for recycling and a number of larger items were collected from around the car park fencing.

It is a great space right at the heart of our community, and although it is widely used by shoppers during the day, it has the potential to be more than just that. With a series of small improvements in can truly become a community space that has the capacity to host markets and community events. We are currently in the planning stage of our next step to embellish the car park with planters, appropriate bins for litter and a possible mural, whilst organising regular follow up cleaning events to make sure the area is kept as clean as possible.

The first SPRING CLEAN event was organised on the 4th of March 2017 at the Sandy Park Road Car Park (Repton Rd).